Swivel Sweeper Max

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Swivel Sweeper Max

swivel sweeper max photo 01 Swivel Sweeper Max

I’ve been with swivel sweepers ever since they first came out. This newer version is just excellent! The battery lasts longer, and the sweeper has more power. Plus, being able to remove the brushes so easily, to clean them, is such a sweet bonus. I’m 67, with arthritis and more man-made joints than originals, so I need something that’s light & easy to use, and this little gem does the job! Cats don’t look messey, but between the shedding, the litter tracking, and the fact that they can’t eat without dropping kitty food outside of the dish (must taste better beside the dish), cleaning every day is a "must". This wonderful, light, easy-to-use, goes under couches and into corners, dirt & mess beating machine is just a blessing. Try one. You’ll love it! And, they are easily affordable. Also, they now sell a timer/charger for the battery, so over-charging your battery is no longer a problem. EXCELLENT product!
swivel sweeper
I have the older red one which I like very much, but when I heard this one cleans easier I bought this. It is the reason why I bought it. I believe it has a bit more power, but the real reason I like the sweeper is the price, the light weight, and the fact that it swivels in all the different ways. I use it mostly for my kitchen floor, I have 2 cats and they are really messy eater, seems like there is kibble everywhere. Therefore I keep it very close. The only problem I have is…it has a tendency to spit out the cat food either behind or in front of the sweeper. Sometimes this can be maddening when I am in a hurry to do the kitchen floor. It is perfect for older persons because of the light weight. All in all I definitely would buy it again.
The product is Excellent
This product is much better than the rest of sweepers. It is silent and works very efficiently. Worth the money spent.
Product Features

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Product Descriptions
Description : The Swivel Sweeper Max captures dirt and debris in its built in dirt tray and does not require expensive, messy bags. Simply press on the tabs located on the top of the sweeper and the dirt trap door opens allowing you to empty out the debris without having to touch the tray. The Swivel Sweeper Max’s low profile design makes clean up under furniture a snap. Its flat shape fits under tables, couches, and other hard to clean areas while maintaining its powerful cleaning action. The Swivel Sweeper Max’s corner brushes spin at 4000 rpm and make clean up of crumbs and messes along base boards and in tight corners quick and easy. After you are done using your Swivel Sweeper MAX, the head simply swings up to the pole and locks on with the magnetic latch that is built into the unit. This allows you to easily store it in the closet, hang it on a hook, or between the wall and your refrigerator.
Features RCR technology – Removable, Cleanable, Reusable bristles.This technology allows you to remove the bristles for easy cleaning and removal of hair, twine etc. then just snap them back in place.
1 x Swivel Sweeper MAX in Anthracite/Purple
1 x 7.2V rechargeable battery
1 x Battery Charger
1 x User’s Guide

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